Industries served

Medical Devices

Specialty Machining has been producing small, precision components for flexible and rigid surgical equipment for 25 years. We pioneered the market for new manufactured parts, readily available for shipping worldwide, reproduced to OEM specifications for over 30 common medical device brands.

Aerospace and Defense

Florida is a leading region for aerospace, defense and new technology development, and Specialty Machining is right in the heart of north central Florida, supporting companies stretching from the Jacksonville area, Tampa/St. Pete, Orlando and the panhandle.

Specialty Machining Inc. is an FFL-07 licensed manufacturer, and is working towards ITAR compliance in early 2023. This allows SMI to specialize in manufacturing and design, with a focus on LE and Military applications, and provide the confidence a customer needs in their vendors for this unique industry.


We support several local limestone mines in our area, reproducing hard to find and long-lead time replacement parts for the mining facilities and equipment. Typically, we handle the entire project from reverse engineering the original parts, to production and delivery of products.

Marine and Commercial Production

Specialty Machining supports local marine manufacturing companies that produce personal pleasure craft, commercial boats, and related equipment. Other local companies have come to us for a variety of commercial manufacturing needs, ranging from prototype production to large size production of parts.

Specialty Machining