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AS9100D & ISO9001

QUALITY is more than a buzzword. Get more than you expect from your supply chain.

Aerospace & Defense

Planet earth globe view from space showing realistic earth surface and world map as in out

With a supplier that is dedicated to your exact quality standards, the sky in not the limit, but only the beginning.

Our AQMS is in place to ensure that every project is taken above and beyond the quality and consistency expectations that the industry demands.

SMI can be found on OASIS. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your company soar.


Endoscopic tube for arthroscopy, laryngoscopy, rhinoscopy.Diagnostic medical equipment.jpg

SMI has produced parts for endoscopic surgical equipment for more than 20 years. We pride ourselves on our ability to produce consistent, high quality parts in our facility, using medical grade plastics and metals. 

Our approach to your medical device is based on a long history of precision manufacturing practices and traceability of materials and suppliers.

Scientific Research


Some parts made in our facility can be found in the depths of the oceans, working hard to conduct sample collection and scientific research. 

Strong, corrosion resistant materials go into the production of these massive deep sea arrays, and they are expected to be made with the highest quality and consistency.


Many man-hours and resources are dedicated to conducting the research that will help us better understand the global climate and how it changes. We do our part to make sure that those doing that important research do not have to be concerned with the quality and functionality of the equipment being deployed.

Small Arms Manufacturing


SMI is an FFL-07 manufacturer, with experience in civilian and LE manufacturing requirements. We source US produced materials for our production and we do not cut corners in our manufacturing process.

Many components we have been honored to produce in the past can be found working on daily patrols, in competition and in the hands of capable civilians. 

SMI can collaborate with and help to produce the components you require across multiple platforms, in short run, high precision batches as well has volume production.

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