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Who We Are

Florida CNC Machine Shop Specializing in Lathe Turning and Multi-axis Machining

Welcome to Specialty Machining, Inc., a North Florida area Machine Shop specializing in precision turning and multi-axis milling operations. We work with plastics, carbon and alloy steels to aluminum, copper and brass. We work with both high volume production, small lots and first article runs.

Why work with Specialty Machining, Inc.?


The history of SMI goes back to 1979 in south Florida with customers such as Gribetz International, Motorola (where SMI was the only certified vendor in south Florida) and includes aerospace and many other commercial companies. These companies have chosen Specialty Machining, Inc. because we are friendly and honest to work with. Our customers trust us, knowing their orders will ship on-time and the parts will expertly meet their specifications for quality and consistency.

Our Approach


SMI strives to build a culture of professionalism, consistency and quality. We believe that machining craftsmanship is as much an art as it is a science and we take great pride in the products we produce. We believe in providing a quality of service you might expect only from large, high cost and less flexible manufacturing facilities.

Family Business

Specialty Machining, Inc. was established in 1979 by founder Joseph Bello. He built the company on years of manufacturing experience following his Navy career in the 1950’s, where he served on the USS Valley Forge during the Korean War. His son, David P. Bello, took over in 1985, growing the business to include higher volume production and high precision CNC manufacturing, bringing in SMI’s first CNC Mill, a FADAL 4020. In 1997, David founded Endoscopy Replacement Parts, Inc., the sister company of Specialty Machining, that specializes in medical device components for minimally invasive endoscopic surgical equipment. His son, David A. Bello, an integral part of the company as well, is continuously improving the quality control processes of both companies and is today the 3rd Generation owner and President of SMI. Endoscopy Replacement Parts was sold in 2016 and SMI continues to be a vital supplier of machined parts to them, based on their stringent ISO13485 quality control requirements.

We Make the Part that Solves the Problem

Drawing on decades of engineering and manufacturing experience, we turn a critical eye to the functionality of the parts that we produce. We take the time to look for cost savings and efficiency in our processes, the part’s integration into final assemblies and how the part will perform in its end application.

DPB Machine.jpg

Our Mission

Creating a mission statement is easy. Living up to it takes dedication. 

Specialty Machining Inc. is a precision manufacturing company that services aerospace, aviation, medical, and oceanographic-atmospheric research industries. Our mission is to provide highly regulated industries with a full service manufacturing facility, that can handle all areas of production from CNC machining to post-processing, assembly, customization and final distribution.

Core Values


We aim to find new and efficient ways to satisfy your expectations. Our number one goal is to drive innovation internally, so that you can drive innovation globally.


Our quality standards dictate that we continuously strive to improve our systems, our efficiency and the service you receive. Our doors are always open for a visit and to see how it all works.


We are here to help everyone, from the garage tinkerer with the next big idea, to the multi-national with strict expectations for consistency and quality. Contact Specialty Machining today to find out how we can help you.

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